Future of Video, Continued (and Continued, and …)

September 14, 2014

This, The Unexpected Runner, from Narratively. It’s a fine, if somewhat sappy, example of some of the new forms emerging in online video. A few things to look for:

1) The drone shots … I’ve been out flying it a few times since I (prematurely … cough cough) exhibited it to all of you on Wednesday. My skills are much improved, and I realized it’s primarily for B-Roll purposes, which is to say, to shoot establishing shots and sequences for color. It’s still just a tad too unstable for principal photography, such as interviewing a source. In fact, you wouldn’t use it for any sequence needing audio.

2) Format: Here’s a question for debate: I might argue this isn’t a video at all, but a “video slideshow.” I’m thinking of the “audio slideshow” that was all the rage a few years back. It—as well as “The Unexpected Runner”—were essentially radio pieces set to beautiful photography. This isn’t a video … it’s a collection of moving stills.

I hope everyone is enjoying their work on the essays. Please ping me with any questions.

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