A Year In The Life of an IVF Clinic – Kara’s Pre-Pitch

September 11, 2014

A year can be a long time in any aspect of life, but when going through fertility treatments, it’s an eternity. For the most part, couples and women trying to get pregnant live in two week blocks. There’s a window where a woman can get pregnant and then she waits to find out if she is. If it doesn’t work, she needs to wait another two weeks to try again.

52 weeks full of hope, heartache, questions, excitement, and anger is a long time. And there are lots of stories to tell.

I would like to spend a full year in an IVF clinic getting to know the doctors, nurses, receptionists, acupuncturists, patients, donors, and others yet unknown – perhaps people in billing?

I have a personal connection to Boston IVF, but it is also a leader in New England and has not only a robust patient approach with lots of support, but also lots of research happens there in conjunction with medical teams and scientists in the greater Boston area.

My characters are the people who come through those doors. Every one of them has a story, and after a year it might not all end in happiness. There is lots of opportunity for audio, photos, and I hope, video. There is also a vast amount of data that can be used in a project such as this.

Additionally, I have a large group of women across the country who I have met mostly through social media, though some in person, too, who maintain blogs, tweet, and post on Facebook about their struggles and stories. These women are tremendous resources and when I mentioned to some this project, they said they would like to help in whatever way they can.

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